Pricing for SMTP Gateway


Synametrics Smtp Gateway has reached end-of-life and is no longer being developed. Consider using Xeams instead, which provides contains every feature provided by SMTP Gateway.
There is no charge for the software. It is free for both commercial as well as non-commercial use.

SMTP Gateway is a free SMTP server that can be used either as a backup server to your primary email server to provide load balancing. Its built-in queue holds messages until the primary server comes up. Hence providing an uninterrupted e-mail infrastructure for any company. SMTP Gateway provides a web-based administration allowing users to modify configuration and monitor its status remotely from any machine.

Basic SupportFREE

  • Free upgrades to the software

  • Access to our public discussion forums. These forums are open to public. Although our engineers occasionally answer questions posted by other users, there is no guarantee on response time.

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  • Access to our Knowledge Base articles

Platinum Support$299 / Year

  • Everything included in basic support

  • Email support

  • Telephone support

  • Priority response

  • Access to pre-release versions of the software