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Subject: Two types; SMTP Server and SMTP proxy server
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on: 3/2/22 4:22 PM

Two Types of SMTP servers

Xeams comes with two types of SMTP servers:
  1. Normal SMTP Server
  2. SMTP Proxy Server

Normal SMTP Server

This is a typical SMTP server that accepts emails and queues them for delivery. It requires that you specify a set of local domains handled by the server. If any email comes in for a different domain and relaying is allowed, the message will be delivered to the final destination server.

This SMTP server can be used for both inbound and outbound mail delivery

SMTP Proxy Server

This is not a full SMTP server. It is a proxy server. This means it requires another SMTP server (actual server) to connect to. Clients always connect to the actual server through the proxy server, which has the capability of monitoring emails, change its contents and block them if necessary.

This server can only be used for inbound emails.

Relationship between Modes and SMTP Servers

Xeams offers 3 modes of operation and 2 types of SMTP servers. Although these are completely different things there is a subtle relationship between them.

The 3 modes define where an incoming message is going to go AFTER it has been received by Xeams. For example, will it go to another SMTP server or it will be saved in a user repository on Xeams. If a message goes to another server, your Xeams is running in Firewall mode. Similarly, the mode is set to Stand Alone if it is saved in a user repository within Xeams. A combination of these two approaches is called Hybrid

On the other hand, the two SMTP servers are used to receive an incoming email. Once it has been received, the setting for the mode will decide where is the final destination.

User comments

Posted by yorkman on 6/8/16 11:12 AM

I am running Exchange 2010 and use Xeams on the same server as an SMTP Proxy server. My beef with this configuration is there is no option to disable mail relaying or rejecting users that don't exist in active directory. This is available in SMTP Configuration mode but I don't want Xeams to store all the mail which would render my Exchange server pretty much useless. Is there another option to solve these two problems? I'm assuming that Hybrid might work but I don't need redundancy which would double the email storage on the same system.

Posted by Lalit Gupta on 10/11/15 2:40 AM

SMTP Proxy Server I want to know that can I set xeams as incoming mail proxy means Xeams download all mails for all clients of my organisation and my client will connect Xeams to catch their mails. See following Incoming mail --> mail server ------> Xeams -------> Client Outgoing mail --> Xeams ----> mail server ------> destination. I have mentioned scenario that I want. It is necessary to fetch mail from existing mail server store and forward to client when client trying to fetch mail.

Posted by Judoo Daniyal on 10/27/15 9:04 AM

Use the POP3 fetcher feature in Xeams if you need to fetch messages from another email server.

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