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What is spam simulator

Spam simulator is a built-in utility in Xeams that is used to fine-tune the filtering rules. After adding or modifying rules in Xeams you can paste the contents of any email message that was previously tagged incorrectly to confirm it is now being tagged correct.

Follow the steps below to run the spam simulator
  • Log in to the Admin Console
  • Search for the desired message in Message repository
  • Click the message to view its raw code with header and copy the entire message to your clipboard
  • Click Tools/Spam Simulator from the main menu and paste the contents in the text box
  • Click Proceed
Xeams will display the result determined by every rule that was applied to come up with a final score.

Running Simulator On Previously Received Emails

An easier way to run the simulator on previously received messages is to display the messages in the repository and then clicking the Simulate button. Following steps demonstrates this feature.
  • Select View All Junk under Message Repository
  • Click the subject line of any message, which will display its contents on the next page
  • Click the Simulate button

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