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Status Icons

Starting from version 6.1, Xeams includes a new column when viewing messages. These icons give additional information about the messages. They help administrators as well as non-admin users to see if certain operations have been performed on the corresponding message.


The table below summarizes the meaning of every icon that is displayed in the status column.
Icon Name Description
Encrypted/Clear This icon becomes enabled if end-to-end encryption is used.
Viewed/Not Viewed This icon becomes enabled once a message is viewed through the web interface.
Restored This gets enabled once a message is restored
Marked Good This gets enabled if a user marks a message Good.
Marked Junk This gets enabled if a user marks a message Junk.
Delivered to next hop Depending upon how your Xeams is configured messages may go to a different SMTP server running downstream. This is called the next hop. Another example of a hop is an SMTP server on the Internet that gets an outbound email from within your network.

You will see this icon if a message was needed to be sent to the next hop and it was successfully delivered. There are two variations of this icon:
  • - Delivered with encryption
  • - Delivered without encryption
  • - Delivered through a clustered slave
Failed to delivered to next hop This icon is displayed when a message that was supposed to be delivered to the next hop failed. As a result, this message was sent to the Outbound Mail Queue, which can be viewed under Message Repository/Manage Outbound Queue page.

This icon will disappear once message has been delivered.
Received using STARTTLS You will see this icon if Xeams received this message using STARTTLS - meaning the sender used encryption before sending the message.

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