Integration with SynRBL

SynRBL ( is a Realtime Blackhost List managed by Synametrics Technologies, Inc. This RBL server contains a list of IP addresses that are known for sending spam.

Xeams running on your end has the ability to send a list of IP addresses where it received junk messages to SynRBL, which improves the database.

What is Sent

Just a bunch of IP addresses. Xeams running on your end collects a list of IP addresses where it receives junk and will send this list to SynRBL every 10 minutes via HTTP. No other information besides IP address is sent.

For example, assume you received 10,000 junk messages from 8,000 unique IP addresses in the past 10 minutes. This will send 8,000 IP address to SynRBL. On average, the actual size of this data will be around 120KB, which after compression can easily go down to around 20KB. This means your Xeams will submit around 20KB of data to SynRBL every 10 minutes.

Needless to say, this number will be significantly lower if you do not receive 10,000 emails in 10 minutes.

Disabling Submission

IP submissions received from your end improves the database at SynRBL, which helps everyone get less spam. Although we strongly recommend not disabling this feature, you have an option of disabling it using the following steps:
  • Log in to the Admin Console using the admin account.
  • Click Server Configuration and select the Advanced tab.
  • Check Disable SynRBL and Save.