How to troubleshoot common installation problems

Here are some common troubleshooting tips related to Xeams.

Problem: Browser cannot connect to Administration console.
Solution: Try the following tips:

  • If you are running Xeams on Windows, ensure Xeams service is running
  • By default, the Administration console listens for client connections on TCP/IP port 5272. Ensure you have this port number specified in the URL. For example: http://localhost:5272

Problem: Xeams service won't start
Solution: First, ensure no other TCP/IP servers are listening on the ports that are used by Xeams. These ports are:
  • 5272 - web server for Administration console
  • 25 - SMTP server
  • 143 - IMAP server
  • 110 - POP3 server
  • 4949 - Connection server. This is used internally by Xeams.
Second, check the logs files for errors. The default location for the log files is %INSTALLATION_DIR%/logs. These logs files, particularly xeams.log, may contain some important information regarding the reason why it is failing. Another log file to refer to is wrapper.log

Lastly, try running Xeams server in debug mode. Follow the steps below to run it in debug mode.
  • Start a console window or a terminal window if you're on a Linux/UNIX machine.
  • Change the current directory to the installation folder of Xeams
  • On Windows, type run.bat debug. On Linux/UNIX type: ./ debug
  • This will start Xeams manually, by-passing the Windows Service or Linux/UNIX cron job.
  • Watch the console window closely for any errors.