Upcoming Webinar - Strengthen your Email Security with MTA-STS and forcing encryption

Join us for a free webinar that discusses steps to strengthen your email security by using MTA-STS that enforce encryption for both inbound and outbound email messages.


In today's interconnected digital landscape, email remains one of the primary communication channels for individuals and businesses alike. However, it also poses significant security risks due to email spoofing, phishing attacks, and other forms of email-based threats. To combat these challenges and enhance email security and trust, the adoption of MTA-STS (Mail Transfer Agent Strict Transport Security) is becoming increasingly important.


The webinar on MTA-STS aims to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of this essential email security protocol and how it contributes to ensuring secure email delivery. MTA-STS allows email providers to leverage the benefits of Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to establish a secure channel for transmitting messages between email servers.

Watch Recording

This webinar took place on August 22, 2023. You can watch a recorded session.

Key Topics to Be Covered:

  1. Introduction to MTA-STS:
    • Understanding the need for MTA-STS in the email ecosystem.
    • The role of MTA-STS in mitigating email-related security threats.
  2. How MTA-STS Works
    • Explaining the mechanics of MTA-STS and TLS encryption.
    • Illustrating the process of secure email delivery with MTA-STS.
  3. Setting Up MTA-STS:
    • Step-by-step guide to implementing MTA-STS for your email domain.
    • Best practices and potential challenges during the setup process.
  4. Benefits of MTA-STS:
    • Enhancing email security and trust for both senders and recipients.
    • Reducing the risk of email spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  5. TLS Reporting:
    • What is TLS Reporting
    • How can these reports help you resolve problems related to encryption

Who Should Attend

This webinar is designed for IT administrators, email service providers, cybersecurity professionals, and anyone interested in strengthening email security and safeguarding their organization's email communications. Participants will gain a clear understanding of MTA-STS, its implementation process, and the role it plays in elevating the overall security posture of their email infrastructure. Join us for this informative webinar to learn how MTA-STS can help you build a safer and more reliable email environment, fostering trust among your users and partners while protecting sensitive information from malicious actors. Together, we can work towards a more secure and trustworthy email ecosystem.

Watch Recording

This webinar took place on August 22, 2023. You can watch a recorded session.

More Information

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