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Document ID: 4784
Subject: Using an SSL certificate from IIS Server in Xeams
Creation date: 3/14/16 9:10 AM
Last modified on: 2/7/23 1:03 PM

Using an SSL certificate from an IIS server

If you already have an SSL certificate purchased for Microsoft IIS server, you can use that in Xeams by following the steps below.
  • Export the existing certificate from IIS server to a *.pfx format. Make sure you export the intermediary certificates along with the primary. Click here for directions.
  • Copy the exported *.pfx file to $INSTALL_DIR\config folder.
  • Login to Xeams' web interface as admin
  • Change the URL to http://localhost:5272/FrontController?operation=187 (change the host name and/or port if required)
  • Specify the file name, password (the one you entered when exporting the cert from IIS)
  • Select PKCS12 for Keystore Type.
  • Restart Xeams
  • Ensure HTTPS port is specified and the web server responds to HTTPS requests.
  • Xeams will automatically use STARTTLS once the web server listens on HTTPS

Host name

Every SSL certificate is associated with a host name. If the certificate in your IIS server is for and the FQDN for your email server is you will run into errors unless you have a wildcard certificate, which can handle * Therefore, it is recommended to use a wild card certificate when importing an existing certificate to avoid a host name mismatch.
When exporting a certificate from IIS, it will use the SHA1 algorithm to encrypt the private key. However, if you're exporting the key from a different source, ensure the encryption algorithm SHA1.

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