Free Watchdog Service for Xeams

Companies that use the Enterprise Edition of Xeams can use a free service provided by Synametrics Technologies, Inc. to monitor your Xeams. This service pings your Xeams server every 10 minutes and generates an alert if it does not respond.

Enabling Watchdog

  • Log in as admin
  • Click Home/Watchdog Configuration
  • Check Enabled
  • Save


This feature in limited to Enterprise Edition of Xeams. It is not available in the Community Edition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are alerts sent?

They are sent to a notification email address you specify when configuring watchdog. Many mobile providers allow email-to-sms service. For example, you can use email-to-text service by using the following email addresses in the United States.

  • T-Mobile:
  • AT&T:
  • Verizon:

How often are alerts generated?

There are two types of alerts:

  • Continuous - An alert is sent every 10 minutes until the server comes back up. If your server goes down for two hours, you will get 12 alerts.
  • Boundary - An alert is sent when your server does not respond the first time. A second alert is generated when it comes back up. If your server goes for two hours, you will only get 2 alerts.
What is Simulate Failure?

It is a way to test alerts. It sends a message to the Watchdog server, which simulates a failure. This simulation results in generating alerts.