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Subject:Administrator's Console - a web based interface to manage Xeams
Creation date:12/14/15 4:35 PM
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Admin Console

The Admin Console is a web interface that administrators use to manage Xeams. A built-in web server listens on a predefined port (5272 by default) for incoming client connections. Administrators as well as users connect to Admin Console using their browser.

The Admin Console can be used for:
  • Starting embedded servers like SMTP, POP3 and IMAP
  • Managing users
  • Modifying junk filtering rules
  • Monitoring in-coming and out-going emails
  • Searching emails received in the past

Type of users in Xeams

Users in Xeams play one of the three roles listed below:
  1. Super user - The main administration of the server. The user playing this role can change every configuration parameter in Xeams. This user can create domain admins and accounts for the end-user.
  2. Domain admin - This user is only valid if you have multiple-domain configuration enabled. A super user can delegate configuration for one or more domains to a different person. This user can only modify configuration parameters and filtering rule for the assigned domain. 
  3. End-user - This role is played by users who receive and send emails. When someone logs in as a normal end-user he/she can view their emails and modify filtering rules that only apply to them. For example, adding and removing email addresses from white/black list.

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