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Subject: How to white/black list a user or domain
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on: 8/10/18 3:08 PM

How to white/black list a user or domain

Although Xeams allows white/black listing users as well as domains, we strongly recommend you read the following section before making any changes to the rules.

  • White listing a single user is safe - Use the sender's entire email address when specifying the rule
  • Black listing a user is NOT recommended - This is because email addresses can be easily forged. The only reason to black list a user is when you are confident the sender is not forged.
  • White listing a domain name is generally safe - As long as the domain names do not belong to well-known companies, such as,,,,, etc., it is okay to white list a domain.
  • Black listing a domain is NOT recommended - This is because domain names can be easily forged.

Instead of white listing a domain, consider adding them as trusted domain.

Steps to White/Black list a user or domain

  1. Log in to Admin Console as admin
  2. Click Content Filters under Filter Management
  3. Click Sender Filters
  4. Add a new Sender Filter
  5. Enter an email or domain name in the Search String. For example: or
  6. Enter a negative value to white list and a positive value to black list. Do not enter a very high number. A score around (+/-) 100 should be sufficient to drag an email in either direction
  7. Leave other values as is
  8. Save the rule

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