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Subject: Xeams won't start after update
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on: 8/13/18 4:49 PM

Xeams won't start after an update

During an update, Xeams pulls files from our main website. Use the following steps to restore if you find your Xeams is not starting after an auto update.

  • You must have access to the machine where Xeams is running
  • Stop Xeams if it is running
  • Open File Manager on Windows or Terminal on Linux and go the $INSTALL_DIR\lib folder. This path on Windows is typically set to C:\Xeams\lib and on Linux it is /opt/Xeams/lib
  • Delete Xeams.jar and rename Xeams.bak to Xeams.jar
  • Try starting Xeams service.
  • Once the service is up, download two files: Xeams.jar and and put them in $INSTALL_DIR\patches folder. DO NOT extract the contents of You should only have 3 files in the patches folder:

    1. Patcher.jar
    2. Xeams.jar

  • Login to the web interface as admin
  • Click Restart on the right hand side

Proxy Server Warning

If you are going through a proxy server that does content filtering, it is possible it may change the contents of Xeams.jar. In that case, you will again run into this problem. The only solution to that is to bypass the proxy server OR download Xeams.jar from a different network.

User comments

Posted by Kevin Flowers on 6/30/15 10:51 AM

after looking into my XEAM dir3ectory. Mine is running on a QNAP 869Pro there is no /opt/XEAMS directory. What is being seen is xeasmsbackup directory with as it looks, all the pertinent xeams files. and a xwemail directory which is a directory nested with itself at least 100 times, i stop "CD'ing" after that. ANy thoughts on how to bring xeams back. looks like it stopped receiving mail around 1pm 29 Jun

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