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Subject: Handling multiple profiles in Xeams
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
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Handling multiple profiles in Xeams

The multi-profile feature in Xeams allows you to:

  • Specify separate spam filtering rules for a set of domains. In other words you create a new profile.
  • Delegate administrative tasks for a certain domain(s) to someone else
Consider the following scenario. You handle emails for two or more companies. The domain name for these companies are: and Using the multi-profile option you can specify different rules for both of these companies and assign a person in these companies who will manage their rules.

IMPORTANT: You must be using build number 5628 or higher in Xeams to use this feature.

Steps to enable this feature

  1. Log in to Admin Console
  2. Click Server Configuration on the main menu
  3. Click the Advanced Configuration tab.
  4. Check Multi-Profile box
When this feature is enabled, you will see a new menu item under the Home link. Refer to the image below


Creating new profiles

Follow the steps below to create a new profile. You can create as many profiles as required.

  • Click Switch Profile item under the Home link on the main menu
  • Click Add New Profile link
  • Refer to the help on the page to understand what each field mean

Scalability issues

There are two types of profiles:

  1. Inherited
  2. Independent
Click here to read more about these types.

Independent profiles require more memory. Every Independent profile in Xeams will increase the memory usage by about 100MB and therefore, creating too many profiles will cause your Xeams to run out of memory, particularly on a 32bit system.

If you decide to have more than 5 profiles, keep an eye on memory usage and increase the upper limit if the allocated memory hovers continuously near maximum memory.


User's Inbox can only be in one profile. Consider the following example:

  • John has multiple email address. They are: and
  • You have two profiles. The first handles and the second handles
  • You will run into problems with John's account since the messages for John are split between two profiles.

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