Calculating the number of users

Licensing for Xeams is based on the total number of users. Two factors contribute to creating a valid user in Xeams:

  • Individual Users - For example, and These individuals can have one or more email address associated with them. For example,, Both of these variations belonging to the same person are counted as 1 user. To ensure Xeams does not count them separately, ensure you properly Associate and with John's account in Xeams.

    Click here for details for user associations.

  • Business Rules - For example, and Two features contribute towards this factor: Distribution List and Mail/Discussion List.


Click About under Tools menu to see how many active users you have. This is the number of licenses you should purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assuming every employee has 3 email addresses, such as, and, you only need 20 licenses.
Every inbound email that goes through Xeams will add to the user's count. Therefore, if you don't have local users in Xeams, check the number of user accounts in your actual email server to determine the license you need.
This happens when Xeams is configured to accept emails for invalid users. In this case, Xeams cannot distinguish between real and invalid users. If you are using the SMTP Proxy Server to accept inbound emails in Firewall or Hybrid mode, you must configure your actual email server to reject invalid users.

Click here to see how to fix this problem.

These variations are called "Associations" in Xeams. If you pull users from an AD, Xeams will automatically will create these associations. You can also create them manually if needed.

Associations are created under the User Management screen. Once they are creating the actual user count will go down.
No. Associating multiple individuals to the same email account is a violation of Xeams licensing policy. The pricing model in Xeams is based on number of individuals who get their messages filtered. Associating John's email with Bob is considered a violation of our licensing agreement.
Xeams looks at 5 days of data to figure out the user count. Therefore, if the changes are made today, the actual user count will go down after 5 days.