Beta Release Build 6026


This page is obsolete as of December 03, 2018. Version 6.7 of Xeams has been released publicly, and there is no need to download the beta version following directions below.
Version 6.7 is available for beta testing. This new version has following features.

  • Safe Attachment Viewer - safely look inside attachments to confirm they are safe. This feature extracts text out of popular document types, removing any embedded macros, HTML links or JavaScript making them safe to open.

    Note: This feature will only be available in the Enterprise Edition.

  • Enhanced End-To-End Encryption - Users can set predefined passwords for senders they frequently send emails to when using end-to-end encryption. Click here for details.

  • Enhanced Greylisting when receiving emails from Office365. Microsoft recently deprecated a mechanism used by Xeams to pull IP addresses belonging to Office365. This update uses the new suggested method by Microsoft to pull IP addresses.

  • Enhanced Direction - previous versions of Xeams used the sender's domain to determine the direction (outbound or inbound). This used to incorrectly classify a forged sender as outbound even when the actual message came in from the Internet. This version considers a message outbound, if one of two conditions are met: a) SMTP Authentication was used, OR b) Message came from an IP that is allowed to relay.

    This information is used to draw the direction arrow in Message Repository.

  • Xeams now supports encoded emails in UTF-7

  • Emojis are now displayed correctly when viewing emails in Message Repository


Following instructions on this page to rollback your Xeams back to v6.6.

If you're using a version older than v6.6, backup $INSTALL_DIR\lib and $INSTALL_DIR\htdocs folders on your existing Xeams. Restoring these two folders to their original content will bring down Xeams to your original version.

Downloading & Applying Beta

  • Click here to download and Xeams.jar
  • Following instructions on this page to patch. Note that this page also has download links for and Xeams.jar files. DO NOT download them from the instruction page. They refer to the last released version.