Domain Age Filter

Professional spammers often create new domain names to send their junk based on the assumption their new domain will be blocked since it has no history. The Domain Age custom filter in Xeams looks for the registration date of the sender's domain and assigns a score if it is relatively new.

Prorated Scoring

This score assigned by this filter is prorated. In other words, the closer the registration date is to today's date, the higher the score. By default, this filter assigns a score if the age is less than 180 days (around six months). Consider the following examples:

  • You receive an email from, registered on Aug 13, 1995. No score is assigned to this message.
  • You receive another email from, registered about a month ago. A score will be assigned since this domain is only 30 days old.

Modifying Defaults

By default, this rule looks for domains less than 180 days old. Use the following steps to change this value:

  • Add the following line in
    This will change the value to 90 days.
  • Save
  • Restart Xeams