Enforcing Encryption For Certain Domains

GDPR regulations require using encryption when receiving/sending emails for specific domains. In other words, email delivery should fail if Xeams is if STARTTLS is not used, or the SSL certificate is not trusted.

Using the following steps, you can configure Xeams to ensure encryption is used when delivering outbound messages to foreign domains.

  • Connect to the machine where Xeams is running
  • Go to $INSTALL_DIR\config folder
  • Create a new file called DomainsRequiringTLS.txt
  • Add the domain names - one per line
  • Save the file
  • Restart Xeams


STARTTLS is an extension to the SMTP protocol, which encrypts communication that is otherwise not encrypted. Xeams will return an error when an email is received or sent without using STARTTLS for the domains found in DomainsRequiringTLS.txt file.

Confirming STARTTLS is used

When viewing messages under the Message Repository, the color of the status icons confirms if a message was delivered with or without encryption. Click here for details.