Tagging Subject for Incoming Emails

Starting v6.8 companies can optionally add a custom tag when a message is received from the Internet. Consider the following scenario when having such a tag is a good idea

  • A spammer goes to your public website and gathers the names of your employees. Many companies put the names of their senior management on their website.
  • Once the perpetrator knows a relationship between two employees, they forge the sender's name hoping the recipient will open that message since he/she know the sender.
  • Notice that they only forge the name, not the email address. Many email clients prefer displaying the name over email address when both values are available, giving the reader a false impression.
Xeams can be configured to add a tag to the subject line letting the recipient know this message came in from the Internet, allowing them to make better decision before open the message.

Consider the following example:

Original Subject

Subject: Attaching the updated invoice

Modified Subject

Subject: [EXTERNAL] Attaching the updated invoice
The added tag to the subject line gives some extra information to the reader so he/she is more careful before opening the message even through the sender name appears to be friendly.


Subject tags are only applied to inbound emails.

Steps to Configure

  • Log in to the web interface using the admin account
  • Click Score Configuration under Filter Management
  • Specify a value for Subject Tag

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