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Document ID: 5159
Subject: Fixing licensing problem
Creation date: 9/3/17 3:07 AM
Last modified on: 4/12/22 12:31 PM

Fixing licensing problem in Xeams


You received a system generated email asking you to fix a licensing problem with Xeams. The subject of that message looks like:
Licensing problem in Xeams - ACTION REQUIRED


This is a system generated warning email that occurs when the number of perceived users in Xeams exceed the number of licensed users you have purchased. This warning message is generated once a day and will repeat itself for the next 15 days or until the problem is fixed. If this message is ignored continuously for 15 days, Xeams will get converted to Community Edition and junk mail filtering will stop.


There are two ways to fix this issue:

  • Fix the Actual User Count in Xeams so it does not exceed the number of licenses you have purchased. See below for instructions.
  • Purchase additional licenses to cover the extra users.

Fixing the user count

Follow the instructions below if you think the Actual User Count is incorrectly inflated in Xeams.

  • Login using the admin account and click About under the Tools menu.
  • Click Show List, next to the Active User Count.
  • The following page will list email addresses handled by your Xeams in the past 5 days. You could see three different categories of email address on this page.

    1. Valid Users - You see multiple email addresses belonging to the same individual. For example, and, which belong to the same person. In this case, you need to create Associations between the two addresses by going into Manage Users under Server Configuration.

    2. Invalid users belong to your domain - You see email addresses that are completely invalid. For example, This indicates Xeams is configured to accept emails for invalid accounts. Run Diagnostic Check under Tools and ensure the Invalid Recipient Check passes. Click here for instructions if this test fails on your end.

    3. Invalid domains - You see email addresses belonging to foreign domains. For example, This occurs if your server is misconfigured for open relay. To confirm, run Diagnostic Check under Tools and ensure the test for Open Relay passes. Contact our support department if your Xeams is configured as an Open Relay and you are unable to fix this problem on your own. Running Xeams as an Open Relay is a very serious problem that should be fixed as soon as possible.

Important Note

Xeams looks at past 5 days of data to see who received emails. Therefore, the Actual User Count will take about 5 days to reflect the correct value after the problem is fixed.

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