Missed Email Alerts

Imagine you receive a few emails based on a schedule, and these messages are expected to come every day. You want a system that ensures scheduled messages come at their expected time and generate an alert if that does not happen. The Missed Email Alerts plugin is designed to monitor messages that fail to arrive.

The following video demonstrates how this plugin works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which edition do I need for this plugin to work?
This plugin only works with the Enterprise Edition, including Xeams Cloud. It does not work in the Community Edition.
I receive an email twice a day. How do I create an alert for that?

You will have to create two alerts. Assume you receive the first email at 9 AM and the second around 3 PM. You want the alert window to be 15 minutes.

Create two alerts with similar configuration for Recipient, Sender, Subject but with a different schedules.

I get emails with different values in the subject. How can I write a rule?

Let's assume the following scenario as an example.

  • The backup software you use sends emails using following variations to the subject line:
    • Backup ran successfully for profile Server01
    • Backup ran with one or more errors for profile Server01
    • Backup failed to run for profile Server01

You want to create a rule that will catch all three variations of the message.

Solution Create a Regular Expression with the following value:

(Backup ran|Backup failed).* Server01
The regular expression you see above will match every email where the subject starts with Backup ran, or Backup failed and ends with Server01.