Settings that are not synchronized when clustered

The following pages in the Admin console do not get synchronized when clustered:

Under Home:

  1. All in Appearance
  2. All in Plugins

Under Filter Management:

  1. All in DKIM
  2. Max Global Email Size in Message Size
  3. All in Policy Violations
  4. All in Honey Pot

Under Server Configuration:

  1. All in Server Configuration page itself (Including preferred URL and admin email)
  2. All in SMTP/Proxy Configuration (including domains, relaying, NDR).
  3. All in Send/Receive Large Emails
  4. All in Manage Local Host
  5. All in Manage Smart Host
  6. All in Manage Alerts
  7. All in SSL certificates
  8. All in Active Directory Integration
  9. All in Message Retention
  10. All in POP3 Fetcher
  11. All in ClamAV

Under Reports:

  1. All of them

Under Tools:

  1. All of them EXCEPT for Bypass List under About Xeams (and serial number)


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