Support for Xeams on QNAP QTS 4.4.1

QNAP released QTS version 4.4.1 around September 2019. Prior to QTS 4.4.1, Xeams was part of QNAP's AppCenter. Due to some reason QNAP has removed a few third-party applications from their latest QTS, including Xeams.

This does NOT mean you cannot use Xeams on QNAP.

Historically, there have been two packages for Xeams on QNAP:

  1. Provided by QNAP and bundled with QTS
  2. Provided by Synametrics Technologies, Inc.
QNAP has decided not to bundle Xeams with QTS anymore. This does not mean you cannot use the package provided by Synametrics Technologies Inc.

Therefore, we recommend you download a Xeams package for QNAP from our website and use that instead. This package is fully supported by Synametrics Technologies, Inc. and works fine on QNAP.