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Subject: Subscribing to a mailing list
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
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Subscribing to a mailing list

There are two ways to subscribe:
  1. The Xeams Administrator can add an email address manually
  2. Users can subscribe themselves

Adding subscribers

Follow the steps below to add subscribers.
  • Log in to the Admin Console as administrator
  • Select Manage Mailing List under the Server Configuration menu 
  • Click the Edit link next to the mailing list name
  • Type the subscriber's email address in Add another subscriber field
  • Click save. The newly added subscriber will appear below

Allowing users to add/remove themselves

Users on the Internet can subscribe/unsubscribe themselves by sending emails to special addresses. To enable this feature, check the Allow users to subscribe check box. Refer to the image below:


Once this option is enabled, users can send an email to:
  • to subscribe
  • to unsubscribe
For example, if you create a mailing list using, users can subscribe by sending a message to and remove themselves by sending a message to This example assumes that is a local domain that is handled by Xeams.

User comments

Posted by Michael on 10/28/14 8:36 AM

Hi, It will be also nice to setup allowed domain to subscribe. So create new distribution list and add domains from with people can subscribe.

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