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Subject: Tracking lost emails through log files
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on: 5/16/22 11:07 AM

Tracking emails through log files

Consider the scenario where a user sends an outbound email to someone on the Internet and the recipient claims they did not get the message.

The article talks about some tips that are useful in tracking messages.

  1. First, search for the message in Message Repository. Refer to the Status Icons to confirm you see an icon for delivery. The existence of this icon guarantees the message has been delivered to the receiving server.

  2. Check the OutboundAuditTrailFailure.log - Click View Logs under the Tools menu, select OutboundAuditTrailFailure.log, put the email address of the recipient in the Filter string and hit the Show Content button. This should show you the entry with a reason for failure.

  3. Check the OutboundAuditTrailSuccess.log - Now check this log in a similar manner. If you see an entry in this log for the recipient, it means the receiving server has accepted an email but have decided to block it.

If you don't see a icon in the status icons OR you see an entry in OutboundAuditTrailFailure.log, go to the Manage Outbound Queue under Message Repository and try sending the email manually by clicking the icon.

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