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Subject:Web interface does not work when Xeams runs behind a reverse proxy
Creation date:12/26/22 11:01 PM
Last modified on:12/26/22 11:05 PM

Web Interface Does Not Work Behind a Reverse Proxy

Problem Statement

Xeams web server does not work behind a reverse proxy server. The web page comes up but it is not formatted correctly.


Starting v8.5, Xeams contains a security fix for Path-relative style sheet, which adds a BASE tag in the HTML to prevent relative path for style sheets. However, adding this BASE tag could result in breaking the path for the style sheets when a reverse proxy server is used.

How To Fix

There are multiple options to fix this problem.

Option 1 - Disable the Path-Relative Style Sheet security fix. This is done by adding the following line in file:


Option 2 - Configure your reverse proxy server to transpose the BASE tag in a the HTML so it can be retrieved from clients on the Internet.

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