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Subject: Trusted domains
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
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Trusted Domains

Consider a domain trusted if you think you will never get a junk message from that domain. Domains that are trusted in Xeams MUST expose an SPF record in their DNS server.

Adding a trusted domain is much better than white listing a domain. SPF prevents forgery therefore, if someone forges a trusted domain, Xeams will know and will take appropriate action. White listing a domain does not stop forged emails.

How to add trusted domains

There are two ways:

Method 1
  • Locate the desired email in the Message Repository that went incorrectly into Junk and mark the message Good.
  • Select Trust Domain on the next screen and save.
  • The actual domain will only be added if an SPF record is published for the sender's domain
Method 2
  • Log in as admin
  • Select Sender Policy Framework under Filter Management
  • Click the link for Manage Trusted Domains
  • Add as a domain
  • Click Save

Which domains can I add to this list?

You can only add domains that have an SPF record published. Adding a domain that does not have an SPF record in their DNS server won't have any affect - meaning Xeams won't be able to assign a score to those emails. Refer to this document to see how to check if a domain publishes and SPF record.

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