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Subject: Configuring email server to allow relay
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on: 8/15/18 2:28 PM

Configuring Xeams to allow relay from certain machines

In order to send outbound messages, you either need to turn on relaying from certain IP addresses or allow SMTP authentication. Click here for more information about SMTP relay.

The following steps demonstrate how to configure relaying in Xeams.
  1. Launch Admin Console.
  2. Click SMTP Configuration under Server Configuration on the main menu.
  3. Click the Relaying tab
  4. Select Closed Relay and specify the IP addresses from which you want to allow relay in the text below. You can use wild card characters to specify a network range. For example:
    •     This will allow relay from 255 machines on this network.
  5. Click Save Relay button

Relay Score

Xeams will assign a score of -300 for messages that come from an IP/host that is allowed to relay. You can change this score using the following steps:

  • Locate and modify file.
  • Add the following line:
  • The score will change to -400 in the above example.
  • Restart Xeams after changing this setting.

User comments

Posted by Tobin Lee on 9/2/15 6:38 PM

Hi there, Is there a way to specify netblocks or subnets with the SMTP Gateway product? I tried the "*" option but the screen gives a message saying "error - ip address is invalid."

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