Available Plugins in Xeams

Plugins are an essential part of Xeams, allowing for additional functionality and customization. They can help to improve the user experience, provide additional security, and enable more efficient communication. This page lists available plugins in Xeams and their purposes.

Note: Plugins are not available when using Xeams Cloud. They are only available in the on-premise versions of Xeams.

Plugin Name Description
End-To-End Encryption

Allow users to send encrypted emails to recipients on the Internet by converting their original email into a password-protected PDF file. This PDF is then attached to a new message the recipient and can only be opened with a valid password.

Outbound Email Campaign

Provides a convenient way to send thousands of outbound email with tracking. You could track:

  • List of recipients who were sent emails
  • Number of recipients who have read the message
  • Bounce rate
  • Click through rate
  • List of failed addresses

This plugin works in conjunction with the Mail-Merge Campaign Plugin to create a powerful tool to keep in touch with your customers.

Mail-Merge Campaign

Works in conjunction with the Outbound Email Campaign and helps administrator maintain a list of email addresses that can be merged with a single template emails. This plugin is similar to the Mail-Merge feature provided by Microsoft Word/Excel in functionality but is implemented at the server level.


Provides a way for managers in your company to approve/reject emails sent to important clients before they reach the final recipient.


Generates a read-receipt email once your original message is opened and read by the recipient.

Missed Email Alerts

Alerts are generated if an expected email is not received within a predefined time frame. Imagine you're supposed to receive a backup report every day around 4 PM. Xeams can generate an alert if this report is not received.