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May 7, 2021
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How to Spot IRS Email Scams

Blake Cohen

There are many scammers out there that try impersonating the IRS to fool unsuspecting victims into sending money or sensitive financial documents to them. Many of these are through phishing emails. Sending any information to these scammers could result ...

Nov 18, 2020
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Alternative to Barracuda Spam Filter

Blake Cohen

Today alone, the average office worker will receive over 120 emails, of which, over 50% will be considered spam messages. When you need to respond to emails to conduct business, having to sift through dozens of junk messages can be a pain. This is preci ...

Sep 6, 2019
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Tricky Spam Emails

Blake Cohen

Phishing emails are a common occurance where malicious senders will attempt to steal your personal information or passwords by pretending to be a trusted sender. Typically, you would receive an email that appeared to come from a trusted sender, such as a ...

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