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Pricing for Xeams

Xeams is available in two editions: Community and Enterprise. The following table lists features in each edition.

Feature Community Enterprise - On Premise Enterprise - Cloud
3 Modes of operation Only Firewall
Outbound Filtering ****
Unlimited Users/Domains Free * Yearly/Monthly Subscription Yearly/Monthly Subscription
Web-based administration
Integration with Active Directory
Quarantine Reports
Free SSL Certificates N/A
Search Messages
Email Archiving 60 Days
Live Monitoring - view emails as they are processed
Reports - daily, weekly and yearly
Extensive logging N/A
Intrusion detection alerts N/A
Junk Mail Filtering ** 5 users for home/hobbiest
Clustering ** Automatic
High-Volume Outbound Emails ** N/A
Policy Management **
White labeling (branding)
Email/Phone Support $300/year

Plugins Applies to outbound emails only

End-to-end email encryption *** ****
RESTful API for sending emails and administration **** (Min. 20 users)
Email Campaigns *** ****
Mail Merge ****
Pre-Approval Plugin ****
Read-Receipt Plugin ****
Missed Email Alerts ****



See below

See below

* Unlimited users are available in the Community Edition, provided junk filtering is not used.

** For the first 30 days, the Community Edition of Xeams will run as if you have purchased the Enterprise Edition, allowing you to see what Enterprise Edition has to offer.

Email filtering is available in the Community Edition only if both of the following conditions are met:
  1. You have up to 5 users
  2. You are using Xeams in your home and is NOT being used for your business
*** Available if you have purchased a license for 50 users or more OR, the sender of the message is a local user in Xeams.

**** This feature is available on system running on-premise or dedicated cloud. It is not available on shared cloud.

Cost Enterprise Edition


Pricing on this page applies for both on-premise as well as cloud versions of Xeams. These prices are in US Dollars.
Tier Price/user/month - Paid Yearly Price/user/month - Paid Monthly
1 - 9 Users $1.6667 $1.9167
10 - 24 Users $1.2500 $1.4375
25 - 49 Users $1.0000 $1.1500
50 - 74 Users $0.8333 $0.9583
75 - 99 Users $0.7500 $0.8625
100 - 249 Users $0.6667 $0.7667
250 - 499 Users $0.5000 $0.5750
500 - 999 Users $0.3333 $0.3833
1000 - 4999 Users $0.2500 $0.2875
Over 5000 Users $0.1250 $0.1438

How to Calculate Your Cost

Assume you have 125 users. In that case, you will fall between 100 - 249 users. The following table show the final cost.
Term Math Cost
If Paid Yearly ($0.6667 x 125) $1000/year or $83.33/month
If Paid Monthly ($0.7667 x 125) $95.83/month

Calculate Now Prices are in US Dollars.

Enter User Count:

Monthly Subscription

Yearly Subscription

Dedicated vs Shared Cloud Systems vs On-Premise

Following table talks about the different deployment scenarios when using Xeams:

On-premise Shared Cloud Dedicated Cloud
Installation/Administration Done by your IT department Done by Synametrics Technologies. Nothing gets installed on your end.
Cost Software subscription cost as mentioned above $100/month/machine with 20GB of disk space besides the subscription cost you see above.

Frequently asked questions Applies only to Enterprise Edition

When making your purchase, simply specify 150 for the user count. Xeams will automatically calculate the tier you belong to and will display the final cost.
No, there is no minimum cost. You can purchase as little as one user license or 5000. The more you purchase the more discounts you get.
When you first download Xeams, it will run as if you have purchased the Enterprise Edition for the first 30 days. If you like it, purchase an appropriate license. If you decide not to purchase, you may continue using the Community Edition for as long as you like.
We strongly recommend you install Xeams on a machine inside your network and run it for 30 days. Once 30 days are about to be over, you can make the purchase from the About screen of your Xeams. Initiating the purchase process from your Xeams' web interface makes the purchase process easier.
Support comes with every edition at no additional cost and includes:
  • Telephone support (9 AM to 5 PM EST)
  • Email Support
  • Public Forums

Phone and email support is available for the Community Edition for $300/year.

A user is typically defined by an email address. This could either be an actual person or a role handled by multiple individuals. For example, or

Associated emails belonging to the same individual are counted as one user. For example, John Doe could have multiple associated addresses like or In this case, you will consume one user license since every variation of the email address belongs to John.

Click here for details.
When clustering is enabled, license information is inherited from the MASTER to every SLAVE. Therefore, no separate license is required for the SLAVES.